Squak Mt. Super Pots, 10 gallon

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Squak Mt.'s famous homegrown Superpots add a huge splash of color all summer long. Grown in a 10 gallon size heavy duty plastic basket, they are able to perform beautifully even in very warm locations.  

Most customers select our classic combination "With Petunias". These include trailing petunias and several other types of summer annuals. (For full sun or warm afternoon sun locations)

Alternatively select our "With Ivy Geraniums" combination. These include European style ivy geraniums along with other types of summer annuals. (For full sun, afternoon sun, morning sun or filtered sun locations.  At least 4 to 5 hours of direct sun).

Color combinations are created by our designers and feature a beautiful blend of bright colors.

In order to hang this basket you will need to use a special heavy duty wrought iron hanger. Available for purchase at Squak Mt. when you pickup your basket ($34.98). It is reusable in future years.


Basket pre-orders will be ready for pickup in mid-May.


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