Moss Basket Pre-Orders

Our elegant homegrown moss baskets are designed, planted and grown here at Squak Mt.

Our design team lines each basket frame with moss to allow us to plant both the sides and the top of your basket.  The result is a beautiful symphony of colors and textures that you will enjoy throughout the summer.

Moss baskets are planted in 14" and 16" diameter sizes.

Pre-ordering Baskets: By mid May the weather will be consistently warn enough for moss baskets to be placed outside.  Due to there popularity, the selection of these baskets is often limited when May arrives. You may place your pre-order today; online, in-person, or by calling us at (425) 392-1025. Payment is requested upon the placement of your order. 

Pick-up instructions: Starting on April 15th we will allow you to book a pickup time for your moss basket and Superpot pre-orders.  This time slot can be booked using the link that will appear at the bottom of the home page on our website.  We strongly encourage reserving a time slot so that we can serve you more efficiently at the time of your pre-ordered basket pickup.

A full description of our our moss baskets can be read about here