Sugar Moon™ Hybrid Tea Rose

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Spicy fragrance, loads of bloom & super-long elegant buds. The long-lasting sparkling tones are rich & opulent enough to bring out the gold digger in any gardener. But it doesn't take a stash of expensive chemicals to keep this good lookin' girl happy in the landscape. The natural disease resistance & strong vigor do the deed. Very dark green leaves & unusual red stems set off the many showy clusters of blossoms. 'Scent-sational' for a bouquet & 'beauty-full' in the landscape.


General Information

Class Hybrid Tea

Cultivar cv. WEKmemolo

Patent Pat.#23,475

Plant Habit Medium-tall to tall

Growth Habit Very upright, bushy

Plant Height 4' 11" to 5' 7"

Stem Length Long

Foliage Color Rich dark glossy green

Disease Resistance Very good

Flower Color Clean bright white

Bud Form Pointed, elegant

Flower Size Large, up to 5-inch diameter

Flower Form Full & classically formed

Petal Count 35-ish

Parentage Meredith x (Moonstone x Baby Love)

Hybridizer Christian Bédard

Intro Year 2012

Introduced By Weeks Roses

Fragrant List Fragrant

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