Scentimental™ Floribunda Rose

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You might think stripes are a new-fangled thing. But it's the old rose heritage that brings the genetic striping to this spicy scented new-comer. Each petal is as unique as a snowflake—some more burgundy-splashed-white, some more cream-swirled-red—all on the same vigorous plant. The old-fashioned form & fragrance may remind you of its stingy blooming ancestors. Yet the nearly continuous number of blossoms lets you know there's modern kinfolk in there, too. Distinctive clean quilted foliage. Best color & size in moderate temps. Perfect for potpourri.


General Information

Class Floribunda

Cultivar cv. WEKplapep

Patent Pat.#10,126

Plant Habit Medium

Growth Habit Rounded

Plant Height 35 to 47 inches

Plant Width 31 to 43 inches

Foliage Color Clean green, quilted

Flower Color Burgundy-red swirled with creamy white

Bud Form Pointed

Flower Size Large

Flower Form Double

Petal Count 25 to 30

Parentage Playboy x Peppermint Twist

Hybridizer Tom Carruth

Intro Year 1997

Introduced By Weeks Roses

AARS Winner AARS—1997

Fragrant List Fragrant

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