Rosie the Riveter™ Floribunda Rose

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Rosie the Riveter™ pays tribute to the women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II. The old-fashioned unusual flowers of orange-gold suffused with pink are surely reminiscent of that era. The exquisite pointy and shapely buds are proudly held on top of very glossy dark foliage as a feminine symbol of charm and strength. The moderate fruity & spice fragrance is the perfect complement to these cultural icons. Like the tireless "Rosies," the even rounded plants of Rosie the Riveter™ are the workhorse of the garden, producing an arsenal of flowers. Maximum flower power? Yes, we can do it!


General Information

Class Floribunda

Cultivar cv. WEKzazou

Patent PPAF

Plant Habit Medium

Growth Habit Rounded & bushy

Stem Length Medium

Foliage Color Very glossy dark green

Disease Resistance Good

Flower Color Orange-coral kissed by pink and gold

Bud Form Pointed & ovoid

Flower Size Medium, around 3-3½ inch diameter

Flower Form Old-fashioned & double

Petal Count 30 to 45

Parentage Hotel California x Distant Drums

Hybridizer Christian Bédard

Intro Year 2018

Introduced By Weeks Roses

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