Rock & Roll™ Grandiflora Rose

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Big creamy buds set the 'beat' for what's to become a rockin' show of colors. Each petal unfurls to reveal a different pattern of striped & splashed burgundy, red & ivory. It's not just a video for your eyes though. This is a live performance that involves your nose 'cause the fragrance is killer. Deep green leaves set the stage & clothe the bushy full plant. Great for cutting, for smelling or just for enjoying. Rock on! Flower size best in the cool spring and fall.


General Information

Class Grandiflora

Cultivar cv. WEKgobnez

Patent Pat.#20,936

Plant Habit Medium

Growth Habit Upright, full, very bushy

Plant Height 4' 1" to 4' 7"

Stem Length Long

Foliage Color Very deep glossy green

Disease Resistance Very good

Flower Color Creamy buds open to reveal wild stripes of burgundy, red & white

Bud Form Large, pointed & ovoid

Flower Size Large

Flower Form Very full, old-fashioned

Petal Count 35 plus

Parentage George Burns x New Zealand

Hybridizer Tom Carruth

Intro Year 2009

Introduced By Weeks Roses

Fragrant List Fragrant

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