Rainbow Happy Trails™ Groundcover Rose

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Are you a believer of the Irish folk tale that there's a pot of gold hidden at the end of the rainbow? If not, you will become one as the legend is brought to life while you are admiring a garden filled with plants of Rainbow Happy Trails. "Somewhere over the rainbow", you'll fall in love with this treasure of a rose! The valuable gold comes in the form of beautiful flowers of vibrant yellow-gold blushed with pink on the edges of the petals. This is not just a onetime wonder as the flowers are abundantly produced throughout the year. Like the everlasting glitter of gold, the flowers are non-fading, holding their coloration until the petals drop. The habit of this vigorous good luck charm is neither rounded like a pot nor square like a treasure chest. As a true ground cover with a trailing and spreading habit, the branches stay low to the ground to spread the rainbow throughout the garden!



General Information

Class Groundcover

Cultivar cv. WEKsurdicla

Patent PPAF

Plant Habit Low

Growth Habit Trailing, spreading

Stem Length Medium-short

Foliage Color Dark glossy green

Disease Resistance Good

Flower Color Yellow-gold with dark pink to light red blush

Bud Form Ovoid to slightly globular

Flower Size Medium-small, around 2-2½ inch diameter

Flower Form Double, decorative, cuppy, in medium-sized clusters

Petal Count 20 to 30

Parentage Sun Runner x Dick Clark

Hybridizer Tom Carruth

Intro Year 2016

Introduced By Weeks Roses

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