You can now purchase your favorite roses directly online!

All online orders will be ready for parking lot pickup within two business hours.

We routinely carry over 150 varieties of roses--many in very limited quantities. To help match you with the perfect rose, you can now reserve our roses online!

Expertly potted and hand-pruned by the team at Squak Mt, each rose is planted with our custom organic fertilizer and mycorrhizae blend in 11.5" square paper pulp pots. These pots protect plant roots, aid in easy transplanting, and are environmentally friendly.

Our roses are #1 grade (the highest grade possible). Canes are typically 8-12” tall and begin leafing out in mid-March.

If there is a particular rose that you are interested in but don't see listed, please contact us before December of each year so we can special order it for you.

Local pickup only.