Koko Loko™ Floribunda Rose

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So unusual it looks good enough to eat (or maybe drink)!. The cocoa is creamy like a latte. But the latte goes loco to finish all lavender! You just can't imagine a milk chocolate colored bud would mature to be a solid soft lavender blossom. Early to bloom, every lovely bud spirals open with impeccable show form. The flowers last long on the plant & in the vase. Beyond its novelty, there lies a great plant: rounded, handsome, bushy, and chock full of green leaves. Warm weather brings out the lavender.


General Information

Class Floribunda

Cultivar cv. WEKbijou

Patent Pat.#23,269

Plant Habit Medium

Growth Habit Full, rounded, bushy

Plant Height 30 to 35 inches

Stem Length Medium

Foliage Color Deep green

Disease Resistance Above average

Flower Color Milky chocolate suffusing to unusual lavender

Bud Form Long, pointed & full

Flower Size Medium-large, up to 4½ inch diameter

Flower Form Classic, fully double

Petal Count 30 to 35

Parentage Blueberry Hill x Pot O'Gold

Hybridizer Christian Bédard

Intro Year 2012

Introduced By Weeks Roses

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