Good as Gold™ Hybrid Tea Rose

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Some might say "orange", some "gold", some "amber" or maybe it is even double-dipped yellow". However your eyes perceive it, we can guarantee it is bold & beautiful, especially with the kiss of red on the finish. This handsome bushy bouquet machine will fill your garden with loads of long-stemmed lovelies clothed with a clean gown of rich green.


General Information

Class Hybrid Tea

Cultivar cv. WEKgobafa

Patent Pat.#26,052

Plant Habit Tall

Growth Habit Upright & bushy

Plant Height 4¼' to 5¼'

Foliage Color Rich green

Flower Color Deep golden orange-yellow finished with a kiss of red

Bud Form Long, pointed

Flower Size Medium to large, up to 5" in diameter

Flower Form Double, formal

Petal Count Around 30

Parentage Golden Beauty x About Face

Hybridizer Tom Carruth

Intro Year 2014

Introduced By Weeks Roses

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