Easy Does It™ Floribunda Rose

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Deeeee…lectable colors of mango orange, peach pink & ripe apricot bounce off the mirrored glossy green leaves, providing a flamboyant fruit salad for the landscape. Her free-flowing swirling shades of sunset show up in fragrant large colorful clusters atop a rounded bushy plant. So disease resistant, vigorous, flowerful & fabulous, you just can't say 'no' to this seductress of the garden. The one & only AARS award winner granted for 2010. Perfect in every climate.


General Information

Class Floribunda

Plant Habit Medium

Growth Habit Very rounded, bushy

Plant Height 3 to 4 feet

Plant Width Up to 30 inches

Stem Length Medium

Foliage Color Super-glossy green

Disease Resistance Excellent

Flower Color Orange-apricot to honey-pink

Bud Form Ovoid & pointed

Flower Size Medium size, up to 3½ inch diameter

Flower Form Sometimes scalloped or ruffled or classically spiraled

Petal Count 25 to 30 per bloom


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