Drop Dead Red™ Floribunda Rose

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So velvety, so intense! A jaw-droppingly delicious red, especially set against the high gloss deep green leaves that mirror all the eye-popping action. This killer color is truly a "stop 'em dead in their tracks'" red that's certain to lure you to linger. And it's THAT red to the very finish of the flower, making this bushy shiny showy plant a natural showstopper for the landscape. Best flower size in cooler conditions.


General Information

Class Floribunda

Growth Habit Upright to slightly rounded, bushy

Plant Height 30 to 35"

Stem Length Medium

Foliage Color Deep super glossy green

Disease Resistance Very good

Flower Color Dark red velvet

Bud Form Classically pointed & shapely

Flower Size Medium-large

Flower Form Double, formal, often in clusters

Petal Count 25 to 30 per blossom


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