Distant Drums™ Floribunda Rose

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Stop, look, and listen up! Here's a striking color amongst the hardy roses released by the late Dr. Griffith Buck. Distant Drums grows much like a floribunda in habit, drumming out clusters of pointed mauve-brunette buds that swirl open to reveal ruffles washed with orchid pink. All this set to music against dark green foliage makes for a toe-tapping commotion in the landscape.


General Information

Class Floribunda

Plant Habit Medium

Growth Habit Rounded, upright

Plant Height 3-4'

Width 3-4'

Stem Length Medium

Foliage Color Medium green, semi glossy

Disease Resistance Very good

Flower Color Warm tan washed with orchid pink on the outer petals

Bud Form Pointed & ovoid

Flower Size Medium, 3 to 3½ inch diameter

Flower Form Double, in clusters

Petal Count 35 to 40 per blossom

Fragrant List Fragrant

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