Cloud 10™ Climbing Rose

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This pure white climber blooms heavily in the spring and will re-bloom throughout the season. It has exceptionally clean foliage and a very full flower, similar to the English roses. It is hardy to zone 5 climates but may perform more like a large shrub than a climber. It will do great everywhere, but especially in the south and all areas troubled with black spot.


Title: Cloud 10™
Plant Type: Climbing Rose
Flower Color: White
Flowers / Petal Count: Cuplike, large, 50-60 petals
Foliage: Very matte
Growth Habit: Climbing
Hardiness Zone: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Height: 7-8'
Hybridizer: Will Radler
Intro Year: 2013
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Spread: 5'


Additional tip: Allow to grow up a trellis or any other vertical surface that you'd like to fill with color!

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