Burgundy Iceberg and Iceberg Two-fer® Floribunda Rose

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Two different roses on one plant! Could it get any better?!

These two varieties are perfectly balanced in flower size, floriferousness, foliage, and habit and bud onto 36" Dr. Huey root stock. A real attention-grabber! Burgundy Iceberg: Purple-red burgundy with a cream reverse. White Iceberg: One of the best white landscaping roses available. A proven performer all around the world. Super flowerful, vigorous & extremely disease resistant.


General Information

Class Floribunda

Cultivar cv. PROse

Growth Habit Rounded and bushy / Bushy

Stem Length Medium-length, good for cutting / Medium-length, good for cutting

Foliage Color Glossy medium green / Glossy green

Flower Color Purple-red burgundy & cream reverse /Ice white

Petal Count 20 to 25 / 20 to 25

Introduced By Weeks Roses

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