Bathsheba™ English Climbing Rose

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Bathsheba™ is a vigorous climbing rose with big, beautiful, apricot-colored flowers. It is David Austin's first new apricot-hued climber in 20 years. Its strong myrrh fragrance has a warm floral character with hints of honey and Tea.

It blooms repeatedly from early summer till frost. Each shallowly-cupped rosette is densely packed with up to 170 petals. As with all English Rose climbers, 'Bathsheba' is full from the ground up, with plenty of basal stems to fan up and across a trellis.


Rose Characteristics

Rose Type English Rose - bred by David Austin
Growth Type Climbing Rose
Sub Type English Leander Hybrid
Color Rich apricot
Fragrance Strength Strong Fragrance
Flowering Repeat Flowering
Disease Resistance Excellent
Height 10ft
Breeder David Austin
Year of Introduction 2016
Appellation Auschimbley
Suitable for zones Zones 5-9
Petal Count 170


Photos and Information Courtesy of David Austin Roses® 


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