Autumn Sunset® Climbing Rose

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A rose worth bragging about! This richly fragrant, hardy, and disease resistant (especially to black spot) climber radiates apricot gold color. This stunner has strong vigor, shiny green foliage and a free-flowering habit that starts in the very first year. Unbeatable! Blooms on new and old wood. Great performer in most climates. The best coloration emerges in cooler weather.


General Information

Class Climber

Plant Habit Medium-tall, canes of 8 to 10 feet

Growth Habit Medium for a Climber

Plant Height 5 to 12 feet

Plant Width 3 to 5 feet

Stem Length Medium

Foliage Color Bright glossy green

Disease Resistance Excellent

Flower Color Deep rich apricot gold

Bud Form Pointed & ovoid

Flower Size Medium-large, about 4" diameter

Flower Form Ruffled, double

Petal Count 20 to 25

Fragrant List Fragrant

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