Arctic Blue™ Floribunda Rose

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The Arctic Blue™ Floribunda rose has a unique lavender-blue finish iced with a creamy color on the reverse of the petals. Shapely flower buds form in clusters and open slowly for longer enjoyment, as if they were frozen in time at their most beautiful stage. Their gorgeous blooms are accompanied by glossy, medium green winter jacket leaves, producing a nonstop snow storm of flowers. Exceptionally drought tolerant. Moderate fruity, almost citrus-like fragrance. A must-have for rose lovers.


General Information

Height: 4' to 5' 

Width: 3' to 4'

Noteworthy: Extremely drought-tolerant

Bloom Type: Very Double

Color: Lilac pink with cream reverse

Blooming: Nonstop 

Fragrance: Moderate

Hardiness Zone: 5


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